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confp.c File Reference

Detailed Description

XML parser that reads configuration file.

The purpose of the configuration parser is to parse the rapple configuration file in order to populate variables to be made available to other modules. In the process the well-formedness of the configuration file is verified and some minor processing of configuration parameters takes place.

Definition in file confp.c.

#include <expat.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include "globals.h"
#include "config.h"
#include "memory.h"

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static void config_characters (void *data, const char *txt, int txtlen)
static void config_copy_buf (rpl_str_t *dest)
static void config_end (void *data, const char *el)
static void config_missing_file_error (rpl_str_t info, rpl_str_t filename)
static void config_start (void *data, const char *el, const char **attr)
void rpl_cfg_cleanup ()
rpl_str_t rpl_cfg_get_config_filename ()
rpl_str_t rpl_cfg_get_db_host ()
rpl_str_t rpl_cfg_get_db_name ()
int rpl_cfg_get_db_port ()
rpl_str_t rpl_cfg_get_db_pwd ()
rpl_str_t rpl_cfg_get_db_user ()
rpl_listrpl_cfg_get_dg_dir_names ()
rpl_listrpl_cfg_get_dg_dir_titles ()
rpl_str_t rpl_cfg_get_ds_basedir ()
rpl_str_t rpl_cfg_get_linkchecker_html_report ()
rpl_str_t rpl_cfg_get_linkchecker_xml_report ()
rpl_str_t rpl_cfg_get_linkchecker_xslt ()
rpl_str_t rpl_cfg_get_logfile ()
int rpl_cfg_get_loglevel ()
rpl_str_t rpl_cfg_get_srcdir ()
rpl_str_t rpl_cfg_get_trf_catalog ()
rpl_str_t rpl_cfg_get_trf_tidy_config ()
rpl_str_t rpl_cfg_get_trf_tpl_domain ()
rpl_str_t rpl_cfg_get_trf_tpl_xslt ()
rpl_str_t rpl_cfg_get_webdir ()
int rpl_cfg_parse (rpl_str_t cfg_filename)
 Performs configuration parsing.


static rpl_str_t cfg_conf_filename = NULL
static rpl_str_t cfg_db_host = NULL
static rpl_str_t cfg_db_name = NULL
static rpl_str_t cfg_db_port = NULL
static rpl_str_t cfg_db_pwd = NULL
static rpl_str_t cfg_db_user = NULL
static rpl_str_t cfg_dg_dir = NULL
static rpl_list cfg_dg_dir_names
static rpl_list cfg_dg_dir_titles
static rpl_str_t cfg_ds_basedir = NULL
static rpl_str_t cfg_linkchecker_html_report = NULL
static rpl_str_t cfg_linkchecker_xml_report = NULL
static rpl_str_t cfg_linkchecker_xslt = NULL
static rpl_str_t cfg_log_file = NULL
static rpl_str_t cfg_RPL_LOG_LEVEL = NULL
static rpl_str_t cfg_srcdir = NULL
rpl_str_t cfg_str_buf = RPL_STR_NUL
static rpl_str_t cfg_tidy_conf = NULL
static rpl_str_t cfg_trf_catalog = NULL
static rpl_str_t cfg_trf_tpl_domain = NULL
static rpl_str_t cfg_trf_tpl_xslt = NULL
static rpl_str_t cfg_webdir = NULL
int db_flag
int dg_flag
int ds_flag
int lc_flag
int log_flag
int src_flag
int str_capture
int tidy_flag
int tpl_flag
int web_flag

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