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void rpl_cfg_cleanup ( void   ) 

Cleans up resources used by the configuration module.

Definition at line 615 of file confp.c.

References rpl_me_free(), and rpl_str_list_destroy().

    rpl_me_free (cfg_log_file);
    rpl_me_free (cfg_RPL_LOG_LEVEL);
    rpl_me_free (cfg_ds_basedir);
      /* do not need to release cfg_trf_tpl_domain as mod_xslt indirectly does this */
    rpl_me_free (cfg_trf_tpl_xslt);
    rpl_me_free (cfg_trf_catalog);
    rpl_str_list_destroy (&cfg_dg_dir_names);
    rpl_str_list_destroy (&cfg_dg_dir_titles);

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