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registry.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Implementation to support the web asset registry.

The registry stores references to all web assets created during processing. At the start of the workflow the registry is initialised during which time entries are created. Each processing phase has access to and can update entries in the registry. At the end of processing the registry can be traversed (e.g., for audit purposes).

Throughout the documentation the following definitions apply:

For inexpensive inserts and quick search access the registry is implemented as a RB BST (using a standard BST structure to represent a 2-3-4 tree).

Definition in file registry.c.

#include "globals.h"

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unsigned long rpl_reg_count ()
rpl_str_t rpl_reg_create_key (rpl_str_t rel_dir, rpl_str_t file)
static int rpl_reg_equal (rpl_reg_key str1, rpl_reg_key str2)
static rpl_reg_key rpl_reg_get_key (rpl_reg_item item)
void rpl_reg_init ()
void rpl_reg_insert (rpl_reg_item item)
static rpl_reg_link rpl_reg_insert_r (rpl_reg_link link, rpl_reg_item item, rpl_reg_color color)
static int rpl_reg_less (rpl_reg_key str1, rpl_reg_key str2)
static rpl_reg_link rpl_reg_new (rpl_reg_item item, rpl_reg_link left, rpl_reg_link right, unsigned long int count, rpl_reg_color color)
void rpl_reg_report (rpl_reg_item item)
static rpl_reg_link rpl_reg_rot_l (rpl_reg_link link)
static rpl_reg_link rpl_reg_rot_r (rpl_reg_link link)
rpl_reg_item rpl_reg_search (rpl_reg_key key)
static rpl_reg_item rpl_reg_search_r (rpl_reg_link link, rpl_reg_key key)
void rpl_reg_traverse (rpl_reg_tr_fp fn)
static void rpl_reg_traverse_r (rpl_reg_link link, rpl_reg_tr_fp fn)


static rpl_reg_link registry
static rpl_reg_link RPL_REG_NULL
static long unsigned rpl_reg_sz
rpl_web_asset RPL_REG_WA_NULL

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