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static rpl_reg_item rpl_reg_search_r ( rpl_reg_link  link,
rpl_reg_key  key 
) [static]

Performs recusrive search of the registry looking for the first key that matches the key parameter. This function is invoked by rpl_reg_search which commences the search from the registry root.

link the node from which to base the search.
key the key to match nodes against.

Definition at line 230 of file registry.c.

References rpl_reg_node_s::item, rpl_reg_node_s::left, rpl_reg_node_s::right, rpl_reg_equal(), rpl_reg_get_key(), and rpl_reg_less().

Referenced by rpl_reg_search().

      rpl_reg_key t_key;

      assert(key != NULL);

      t_key = rpl_reg_get_key(link->item);
      if(link == RPL_REG_NULL)
            return &RPL_REG_WA_NULL;
      if(rpl_reg_equal(key, t_key))
            return link->item;
      if(rpl_reg_less(key, t_key))
            return rpl_reg_search_r(link->left, key);
            return rpl_reg_search_r(link->right, key);

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