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   Name: $RCSfile: registry.h,v $
   Author: Alan Moran
   $Date: 2005/11/13 20:57:21 $
   $Revision: 1.2 $
   $Id: registry.h,v 1.2 2005/11/13 20:57:21 a_j_moran Exp $

   Function prototypes and macros to support the web asset registry.

   Legal Notice:

   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
   modify it under the terms of the license contained in the
   COPYING file that comes with this distribution.


/** \file registry.h */



   Registry node type (red or black) used to classify nodes in RB BST 
   implementation of 2-3-5 top-down tree.
00030 typedef enum _rpl_reg_color {
    RPL_REG_BLACK = 0,
} rpl_reg_color;

   Keys in the registry are usually filenames (relative to the website
   base directory). 
00039 typedef rpl_str_t                         rpl_reg_key;
typedef struct _rpl_web_asset * rpl_reg_item;
typedef struct rpl_reg_node_s *rpl_reg_link;
typedef void (*rpl_reg_tr_fp)(struct _rpl_web_asset *);

   Registry node structure 
00047 typedef struct rpl_reg_node_s {
      rpl_reg_item       item;
      rpl_reg_link       left;
      rpl_reg_link       right;
      unsigned long      count;
    rpl_reg_color      color;
} rpl_reg_node;

extern rpl_web_asset RPL_REG_WA_NULL;

void              rpl_reg_init(void);
rpl_str_t       rpl_reg_create_key(rpl_str_t rel_dir, rpl_str_t file);
void              rpl_reg_insert(rpl_reg_item item);
rpl_reg_item      rpl_reg_search(rpl_reg_key key);
unsigned long     rpl_reg_count(void);
void              rpl_reg_traverse(rpl_reg_tr_fp fn);
void              rpl_reg_report(rpl_reg_item item);



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