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webasset.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Web asset data structure manipulation functions.

The webasset module defines an abstract data type (ADT) for web assets (e.g., HTML webpages, PDF documents, images etc.) and furnishes an interface with which to query the specifics of an asset (its name, relative directory, name of remote user in authenticated HTTP context etc.) It is the purpose of the client code to invoke this interface to populate and retrieve values from the type. However, in doing so the client is insulated from implementation changes that may occur behind the interface (e.g., the algorithm used to determine under what conditions and asset is to be considered transformable etc.)

Definition in file webasset.c.

#include <pwd.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include "globals.h"
#include "parser.h"
#include "mime.h"

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static void rpl_wa_copy_str (rpl_str_t src, rpl_str_t *dest)
void rpl_wa_destroy (rpl_web_asset *wa)
rpl_str_t rpl_wa_get_contributor (rpl_web_asset wa)
rpl_str_t rpl_wa_get_filename (rpl_web_asset wa)
rpl_str_t rpl_wa_get_key (rpl_web_asset wa)
rpl_str_t rpl_wa_get_mime_type (rpl_web_asset wa)
rpl_str_t rpl_wa_get_rel_dir (rpl_web_asset wa)
rpl_str_t rpl_wa_get_tidy_stat_desc (rpl_web_asset wa)
rpl_str_t rpl_wa_get_tmpl_stat_desc (rpl_web_asset wa)
rpl_str_t rpl_wa_get_trf_status_desc (unsigned int code)
void rpl_wa_init (rpl_web_asset *wa)
int rpl_wa_is_supported_mime_type (rpl_web_asset wa)
int rpl_wa_is_transformable (rpl_web_asset wa)
void rpl_wa_set_contributor (rpl_str_t contrib, rpl_web_asset *wa)
void rpl_wa_set_filename (rpl_str_t filename, rpl_web_asset *wa)
void rpl_wa_set_key (rpl_web_asset *wa)
void rpl_wa_set_mime_type (rpl_str_t mime_type, rpl_web_asset *wa)
void rpl_wa_set_rel_dir (rpl_str_t rel_dir, rpl_web_asset *wa)
void rpl_wa_set_tidy_stat_desc (rpl_str_t desc, rpl_web_asset *wa)
void rpl_wa_set_tmpl_stat_desc (rpl_str_t desc, rpl_web_asset *wa)


int trf_size = sizeof(trf_status) / sizeof(trf_status[0])
const rpl_wa_trf_status_description trf_status []

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