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void rpl_wa_set_key ( rpl_web_asset wa  ) 

Sets key. This implementation requires that the filename and relative directory already be set.


Definition at line 123 of file webasset.c.

References _rpl_web_asset::filename, _rpl_web_asset::key, _rpl_web_asset::rel_dir, rpl_wa_get_filename(), and rpl_wa_get_rel_dir().

Referenced by rpl_mod_index_process(), and rpl_mod_init_process().

      assert(wa != NULL);

      /* key requires that both filename and rel_dir be set */
      assert(rpl_wa_get_filename(*wa) && rpl_wa_get_rel_dir(*wa));

      wa->key = rpl_reg_create_key(wa->rel_dir, wa->filename);

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